Pieces (New Atlantis, #8) Nhys Glover



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Pieces (New Atlantis, #8)  by  Nhys Glover

Pieces (New Atlantis, #8) by Nhys Glover
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In Nazi Germany a Gestapo agent finds his life tied to a woman from the futureOnly her love can save him...When Krista Denton meets Dirk Roeder in Wurzburg, Germany in 1936 she is horrified to realise that he is her Key, the one man she can love enough to bring her back to painful and exhilarating life. When he nearly dies she has no choice but to take him home to New Atlantis, her utopian future world. Because, now that she has found her Key, their lives are inextricably connected.

If he dies, so will she.But New Atlantis is no place for a Gestapo agent, and there are those in the city who have suffered at the hands of the Nazi’s. Those people want Dirk gone, one way or another.Dirk knows he doesn’t deserve a place in Utopia, or the love of a woman like Krista. But his innocent sister and niece do. Unfortunately, by disappearing, Dirk has inadvertently put his family’s safety at risk. The only way he can save them is to go back.

But no one who has been Retrieved can ever go back to their old lives in the past.To find a way to do so Dirk must be willing to risk not only his life but that of the woman he loves, and Krista must be willing to support him. Can she risk everything for a man others despise?

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